It Is Not For You

It is not for you that I mourn.

It is not for you that I am in attendance.

It is for your companion.

Who rests in their grief-laden box.

Memories, stories recanted as if from yesteryears.

Speech about love, compassion, and endearment.

These are words that were spoken, but I did not hear.

Could not hear.

Your opportunity to Judas

Your Pontius to choice.

The casting out

The loved one’s voice.

You self righteously brought a tear to your face

Clasped your hands together

And muttered murky words

That marred my father’s faith.

“You should not be here,

this is not your place”

My father, of respect and humility

Turned quickly with a hastened pace.

Oh how quickly ye were to throw stones

In a house of glass.

Seeking attention

From the mass.

How strange that funerals

Should bring us together

Yet there you stood

Alone forever.

Outside closed doors

The words I speak

Were the same words

You chose to seek.

“You do not belong here
this is not your place”
On this day
In her grace.